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List of world records in athletics

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Usain Bolt (right) of Jamaica is the current men's world record holder for the 100 and 200 metre sprint races. He is shown here in the closing stages of setting a record in the 200 m run at the 2008 Beijing Olympics (He has since surpassed that record).
Jürgen Schult beside the indication of his new discus world record, 1986
East German womencontroversially set many world records in the 1970s and 1980s. World record holder Marita Kochmaintains her innocence, although released government files detail her drug usage.[1]

World records in athletics (track and field) are ratified by the International Association of Athletics Federations. Records are kept for all events contested at the Olympic Games and some others. Unofficial records for some other events are kept by track and field statisticians. The only non-metric distance for which official records are kept is the mile run.




The criteria which must be satisfied for ratification also apply to national or other restricted records and also to performances submitted as qualifying marks for eligibility to compete in major events such as the Olympic Games.

The criteria include:

  • The dimensions of the track and equipment used must conform to standards. In road events, the course must be accurately measured, by a certified measurer.
  • Except in road events (road running and race walking), the performance must be set in a single-sex race.[2]
  • All team members in a relay race must be of the same nationality.
  • Pacemakers are allowed, provided they have not been lapped; lapped athletes must give way.
  • Drug testing immediately after the performance is now required for ratification of a record. Existing records which predate this requirement are still extant. Athletes who pass the immediate test but are later found to have been on drugs have their performances invalidated.
  • In sprint events up to 200 m and in jump events, wind assistance is permitted only up to 2.0 m/s. In decathlon or heptathlon, average wind assistance of less than 2.0 m/s is required across all applicable disciplines; and maximum of 4.0 m/s in any one event.
  • In sprint events up to 400 m, photo finish fully automatic timing is required.
  • There is no restriction on altitude; since the thinner atmosphere of higher altitude provides less air resistance, locations such as Mexico City andSestriere are popular in the sprint and jump events.
  • In road events, the course is not required to be a circuit, but must not have too great a downhill gradient.

[edit]Bonus payments

Witnessing a world record brings great pleasure for athletics fans; athletes' personal sponsors and the promoters of major meetings such as the IAAF Golden League have offered bonuses to athletes breaking a record.

Some middle-distance runners have specialized in acting as pacemakers in longer races, receiving a fee without even finishing the race, and possibly a bonus if a record results. This is a useful occupation for athletes who are capable of running accurately to a specified pace, but not capable of the very fastest times to become champions in their own right.

In the pole vault (and potentially the high jump) record bonuses create an incentive for an athlete capable of smashing a record to instead break it by the minimum amount (one centimetre), multiple times, at multiple meetings, in order to accumulate multiple bonuses. This has been done by Sergey Bubka in the men's pole vault, and Yelena Isinbayeva in the women's pole vault. Some commentators have complained that neither athlete ever posted as high a mark as they were capable of. In other disciplines this problem does not arise, since it is practically impossible to deliberately break a record by a small margin.

[edit]World records (formerly Outdoor world records)

Prior to 2000, separate records were recorded for outdoor and indoor events. In 2000, IAAF rule 260.18a (formerly 260.6a) was amended, so now it states that "world records" (as opposed to "indoor world records") can be set in a facility "with or without roof". This rule was not applied retroactively[3], so for example, Sergey Bubka's pole vaultWorld Indoor record of 6.15 m is not considered to be a World record, because it was set before 2000, although it would be considered a World record had it been set after 2000. It is the only Indoor record which is greater than the World record (6.15 Indoor world record by Sergey Bubka, versus 6.14 World record by Sergey Bubka). All current World record were set outdoors.


Event Record Athlete Nationality Date Meet Place Ref
100 m Progression 9.58 (+0.9 m/s) Usain Bolt  Jamaica 16 August 2009 World Championships Berlin, Germany [4]
200 m Progression 19.19 (+0.3 m/s) Usain Bolt  Jamaica 20 August 2009 World Championships Berlin, Germany [4]
400 m Progression 43.18 Michael Johnson  United States 26 August 1999 World Championships Seville, Spain
800 m Progression 1:41.11 Wilson Kipketer  Denmark 24 August 1997 Cologne, Germany
1000 m 2:11.96 Noah Ngeny  Kenya 5 September 1999 IAAF Grand Prix Rieti, Italy
1500 m Progression 3:26.00 Hicham El Guerrouj  Morocco 14 July 1998 Golden Gala Rome, Italy
Mile Progression 3:43.13 Hicham El Guerrouj  Morocco 7 July 1999 Golden Gala Rome, Italy
2000 m 4:44.79 Hicham El Guerrouj  Morocco 7 September 1999 ISTAF Berlin, Germany
3000 m Progression 7:20.67 Daniel Komen  Kenya 1 September 1996 IAAF Grand Prix Rieti, Italy
5000 m Progression 12:37.35 Kenenisa Bekele  Ethiopia 31 May 2004 Hengelo, Netherlands
10000 m Progression 26:17.53 Kenenisa Bekele  Ethiopia 26 August 2005 Memorial Van Damme Brussels, Belgium
10 km (road) 27:01 Micah Kogo  Kenya 29 March 2009 Brunssum, Netherlands
15 km (road) 41:29 Felix Limo  Kenya 11 November 2001 Nijmegen, Netherlands
41:29+ Deriba Merga  Ethiopia 20 February 2009 Ras Al Khaimah Half Marathon Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates
20000 m (track) 56:26.0 Haile Gebrselassie  Ethiopia 27 June 2007 Golden Spike Ostrava Ostrava, Czech Republic
20 km (road) 55:31 Samuel Wanjiru  Kenya 17 March 2007 The Hague, Netherlands
Half marathon 58:33 Samuel Wanjiru  Kenya 17 March 2007 The Hague, Netherlands
Hour run (track) 21285 m Haile Gebrselassie  Ethiopia 27 June 2007 Golden Spike Ostrava Ostrava, Czech Republic
25000 m (track) 1:13:55.8 Toshihiko Seko  Japan 22 March 1981 Christchurch, New Zealand
25 km (road) 1:12:45 Paul Malakwen Kosgei  Kenya 9 May 2006 Berlin, Germany
30000 m (track) 1:29:18.8 Toshihiko Seko  Japan 22 March 1981 Christchurch, New Zealand
30 km (road) 1:27:49+ Haile Gebrselassie  Ethiopia 20 September 2009 Berlin Marathon Berlin, Germany [5]
Marathon Progression 2:03:59 Haile Gebrselassie  Ethiopia 28 September 2008 Berlin Marathon Berlin, Germany
100 kilometres (road) 6:13:33 Takahiro Sunada  Japan 21 June 1998 Tokoro, Japan
3000 m steeplechase 7:53.63 Saif Saaeed Shaheen  Qatar 3 September 2004 Memorial Van Damme Brussels, Belgium
110 m hurdles Progression 12.87 (+0.9 m/s) Dayron Robles  Cuba 12 June 2008 Golden Spike Ostrava Ostrava, Czech Republic
400 m hurdles Progression 46.78 Kevin Young  United States 6 August 1992 Olympic Games Barcelona, Spain
High jump Progression 2.45 m Javier Sotomayor  Cuba 27 July 1993 Salamanca, Spain
Pole vault Progression 6.14 m Sergey Bubka  Ukraine 31 July 1994 Sestriere, Italy
Long jump Progression 8.95 m (+0.3 m/s) Mike Powell  United States 30 August 1991 World Championships Tokyo, Japan
Triple jump Progression 18.29 m (+1.3 m/s) Jonathan Edwards  United Kingdom 7 August 1995 World Championships Gothenburg, Sweden
Shot put Progression 23.12 m Randy Barnes  United States 20 May 1990 Westwood, United States
Discus throw 74.08 m Jürgen Schult  East Germany 6 June 1986 Neubrandenburg, Germany
Hammer throw Progression 86.74 m Yuriy Sedykh  Soviet Union 30 August 1986 Stuttgart, Germany
Javelin 98.48 m
(Current design)
Jan Železný  Czech Republic 25 May 1996 Jena, Germany
104.80 m
(old design)
Uwe Hohn  East Germany 20 July 1984 Berlin, Germany
Decathlon Progression 9026 pts Roman Šebrle  Czech Republic 27 May 2001 IAAF World Challenge Götzis, Austria
10.64 (0.0 m/s) (100 m), 8.11 m (long jump), 15.33 m (shot put), 2.12 m (high jump), 47.79 (400 m),
13.92 (110 m hurdles), 47.92 m (discus), 4.80 m (pole vault), 70.16 m (javelin), 4:21.98 min (1500 m)
20000 m walk (track) 1:17:25.6 Bernardo Segura  Mexico 7 May 1994 Bergen, Norway
20 km walk (road) Progression 1:17:16 Vladimir Kanaykin  Russia 29 September 2007 Saransk, Russia
30000 m walk (track) 2:01:44.1 Maurizio Damilano  Italy 3 October 1992 Cuneo, Italy
50000 m walk (track) 3:40:57.9 Thierry Toutain  France 29 September 1996 Héricourt, France
50 km walk (road) Progression 3:34:14 Denis Nizhegorodov  Russia 11 May 2008 Cheboksary, Russia
4x100 m relay Progression 37.10 Nesta Carter
Michael Frater
Usain Bolt
Asafa Powell
 Jamaica 22 August 2008 Olympic Games Beijing, China
4x200 m relay 1:18.68 Michael Marsh
Leroy Burrell
Floyd Heard
Carl Lewis
 United States 17 April 1994 Walnut, United States
4x400 m relay Progression 2:54.29 Andrew Valmon
Quincy Watts
Butch Reynolds
Michael Johnson
 United States 22 August 1993 World Championships Stuttgart, Germany [6]
4x800 m relay 7:02.43 Joseph Mutua
William Yiampoy
Ismael Kombich
Wilfred Bungei
 Kenya 25 August 2006 Memorial Van Damme Brussels, Belgium
4x1500 m relay 14:36.23 William Biwott Tanui
Gideon Gathimba
Geoffrey Kipkoech Rono
Augustine Kiprono Choge
 Kenya 4 September 2009 Memorial Van Damme Brussels, Belgium


Event Record Athlete Nationality Date Meet Place Ref
100 m Progression 10.49 (0.0 m/s) Florence Griffith Joyner  United States 16 July 1988 Indianapolis, United States
200 m 21.34 (+1.3 m/s) Florence Griffith Joyner  United States 29 September 1988 Olympic Games Seoul, South Korea
400 m 47.60 Marita Koch  East Germany 6 October 1985 World Cup Canberra, Australia
800 m Progression 1:53.28 Jarmila Kratochvílová Czech Republic Czechoslovakia 26 July 1983 Munich, Germany
1000 m 2:28.98 Svetlana Masterkova  Russia 23 August 1996 Memorial Van Damme Brussels, Belgium
1500 m Progression 3:50.46 Qu Yunxia  China 11 September 1993 Beijing, PR China
Mile Progression 4:12.56 Svetlana Masterkova  Russia 14 August 1996 Weltklasse Zürich Zürich, Switzerland
2000 m 5:25.36 Sonia O'Sullivan  Ireland 8 July 1994 Edinburgh, United Kingdom
3000 m Progression 8:06.11 Wang Junxia  China 13 September 1993 Beijing, PR China
5000 m Progression 14:11.15 Tirunesh Dibaba  Ethiopia 6 June 2008 Bislett Games Oslo, Norway
10000 m Progression 29:31.78 Wang Junxia  China 8 September 1993 Beijing, PR China
10 km (road) 30:21 Paula Radcliffe  United Kingdom 23 February 2003 San Juan, Puerto Rico, United States
15 kilometres (road) 46:55 Kayoko Fukushi  Japan 5 February 2006 Marugame, Japan
Hour run 18517 m Dire Tune  Ethiopia 12 June 2008 Golden Spike Ostrava Ostrava, Czech Republic
20000 m 1:05:26.6 Tegla Loroupe  Kenya 3 September 2000 Borgholzhausen, Germany
20 km (road) 1:02:57 Lornah Kiplagat  Netherlands 14 October 2007 Udine, Italy
Half Marathon 1:06:25 Lornah Kiplagat  Netherlands 14 October 2007 Udine, Italy
25000 m 1:27:05.9 Tegla Loroupe  Kenya 21 September 2002 Mengerskirchen, Germany
25 km (road) 1:22:13 Mizuki Noguchi  Japan 25 September 2005 Berlin, Germany
30000 m 1:45:50.0 Tegla Loroupe  Kenya 7 June 2003 Warstein, Germany
30 km (road) 1:38:49 Mizuki Noguchi  Japan 25 November 2005 Berlin, Germany
Marathon Progression 2:15:25 Paula Radcliffe  United Kingdom 13 April 2003 London, England, United Kingdom
100 kilometres (road) 6:33:11 Tomoe Abe  Japan 25 June 2000 Tokoro, Japan
3000 m steeplechase 8:58.81 Gulnara Samitova  Russia 17 August 2008 Beijing, PR China
100 m hurdles Progression 12.21 (+0.7 m/s) Yordanka Donkova  Bulgaria 20 August 1988 Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
400 m hurdles Progression 52.34 Yuliya Pechonkina  Russia 8 August 2003 Tula, Russia
High jump Progression 2.09 m Stefka Kostadinova  Bulgaria 30 August 1987 World Championships Rome, Italy
Pole vault Progression 5.06 m Yelena Isinbayeva  Russia 28 August 2009 Weltklasse Zürich Zürich, Switzerland
Long jump 7.52 m (+1.4 m/s) Galina Chistyakova  Soviet Union 11 June 1988 Leningrad, USSR
Triple jump Progression 15.50 m (+0.9 m/s) Inessa Kravets  Ukraine 10 August 1995 Göteborg, Sweden
Shot put Progression 22.63 m Natalya Lisovskaya  Soviet Union 7 June 1987 Moscow, USSR
Discus throw 76.80 m Gabriele Reinsch  East Germany 9 July 1988 Neubrandenburg, Germany
Hammer throw 77.96 m Anita Włodarczyk  Poland 22 August 2009 World Championships Berlin, Germany [7]
Javelin[8] 72.28 m
(Current design)
Barbora Špotáková  Czech Republic 13 September 2008 World Athletics Final Stuttgart, Germany [9]
80.00 m
(old design)
Petra Felke  East Germany 9 September 1988 Potsdam, Germany
Heptathlon 7291 pts Jackie Joyner-Kersee  United States 24 September 1988 Olympic Games Seoul, South Korea
12.69 (100 m hurdles), 1.86 m (high jump), 15.80 m (shot put), 22.56 (200 m), 7.27 m (long jump), 45.66 m (javelin), 2:08.51 (800 m)
Decathlon 8358 pts Austra Skujytė  Lithuania 14-15 April 2005 Columbia, United States
12.49 (100 m), 46.19 m (discus), 3.10 m (pole vault), 48.78 m (javelin), 57.19 (400 m),
14.22 (100 m hurdles), 6.12 m (long jump), 16.42 m (shot put), 1.78 m (high jump), 5:15.86 (1500 m)
10000 m walk (track) 41:56.23 Nadezhda Ryashkina  Soviet Union 24 July 1990 Seattle, United States
20000 m walk (track) 1:26:52.3 Olimpiada Ivanova  Russia 6 September 2001 Brisbane, Australia
20 km walk (road) Progression 1:25:41 Olimpiada Ivanova